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Is your math class moving too fast for you to grasp algebra concepts? Do you need to brush up on your math skills to take the ACT? Don't rely on impersonal online programs or self-help books to improve your math abilities. Hire a professional tutor at LC Tutoring instead.

Lynnette is a private math tutor who has a graduate degree in math and taught calculus at Colorado State University. She also has 13 years of IT experience. If you need help with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, math analysis or calculus, you can depend on Lynnette to improve your skills. She offers tutoring for middle schoolers, high schoolers and adults.

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If math is a foreign language to you, turn to LC Tutoring for help. We offer private math tutoring for middle schoolers, high schoolers and adults.

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Are you dreading the ACT? A qualified math tutor can help you shake those jitters. Our ACT tutor will help you develop the skills you need for success.

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4 benefits of math tutoring

Lynnette's math tutoring is customized based on your goals and needs. She's flexible when it comes to the location of the sessions. Take a look at some of the benefits you could enjoy when you hire a math tutor in Rochester, MN:


You'll get personal attention.


You'll be better prepared for your next test.


You'll boost your confidence and self-esteem.


You'll develop strong work and study habits.