Find an ACT Tutor in Rochester, MN

Find an ACT Tutor in Rochester, MN

LC Tutoring offers test review services

Don’t wait until the last minute to study for your test. Hire LC Tutoring for test review tutoring. Working with a tutor, you’ll review a little every day and build up the skills you need to do well on exams.

Lynnette, our ACT tutor in Rochester, MN, comes with years of mathematics and IT experience. She’ll develop a personalized study plan for you. You can trust her to take the time necessary to help you master the skills needed to take the test with confidence. She’ll work hard to help you overcome your math challenges.

Reach out to her today to get started.

Get math help for every test

Whether you’re applying for college or earning a high school degree as an adult, Lynnette can help strengthen your math skills. She’ll get you ready for:

  • ACT
  • GED
  • NES-MN
  • College Entrance Math Exams or the Accuplacer for Community College

She can also help you with adult basic education and adult diploma exams. Contact a professional ACT tutor now to start reviewing for your test in Rochester, MN.